I Tried Every Product The Bachelor Stars Are Hawking

I Tried Every Product The Bachelor Stars Are Hawking
I Tried Every Beauty Product The Bachelor Stars Are Hawking
I've tried enough supplements that claim to be delicious to know that vitamins always taste like...vitamins. Most are pleasant enough, but there's always that faint chalky or metallic taste buried within them. Which is to say, I expected these ones — whose hero ingredients include biotin, folic acid, and vitamin C — to be good, but not great.

Then I popped open the jar and ate one. And I am here to say — without being paid a cent — that not only are these the most delicious vitamins on the planet, they're in the running for best gummy snack period. Remember Shark Bites from your youth? Well, those little great whites were discontinued (but being sold on eBay, which sounds like a fun way to get food poisoning). If you were blindfolded and given a Sugar Bear, though, you'd swear it was the same.

Popping just two a day was the hardest part — most afternoons, I had to lock them in my desk to keep myself from eating them like candy. I got all my coworkers hooked, too.

And that's when the breakouts started. My colleague's zits popped up a few days before mine, and knowing that the vitamins were the only change she'd made to her routine, she quit them cold turkey. I had a harder time. Despite having whiteheads surface along my smile lines (wtf?), I couldn't put down the little bears. I'd go a few days without them, then I'd crave a sugar fix and reach in.

And these certainly satisfied that fix — the first two ingredients are glucose syrup and sugar and there are three grams of sugar per serving. Perhaps that caused the breakouts; perhaps my co-worker and I don't react well to biotin supplements. (No studies have conclusively found that biotin, which is naturally produced by the body, causes acne; rather, it's the interaction of it with other vitamins in the body, or an excess of it that could lead to skin issues.) No matter, I'm still struggling to give them up, and the bumps around my mouth are still there.

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, $29.99, available at Sugar Bear Hair.


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