Cat Lovers Will Lose It Over This Lip Gloss

Cat Lovers Will Lose It Over This Lip Gloss
Cat Lovers Will Lose It Over This Lip Gloss

How exactly does a lip product celebrate cats? Well, first of all, there's a big fuzzy cat face on the box and the tube. The opportunity to see that on top of your dresser every day is itself reason enough to buy it. Then, there are the shiny pale pink, gold, and nude colors, all designed to imitate a diverse range of kitty noses.


But the most creative part of the $11 product is the flavor: Kitten milk. We're not sure how that's different from the milk humans drink, but it sounds delicious. It's good for your lips, too: The hyaluronic acid and shea butter in it hydrate them.

The product's full name is "Neko no hana ni kisu shita mitai — hinyari ohana," which translates to "It’s like I’ve just kissed a cat’s nose — a pleasantly cool nose," according to RocketNews24. The rolling steel ball applicator promises to provide a cat-nose-like sensation when you put it on, People reports.

If someone kisses you while you're wearing this, then, they might feel a bit like they're kissing a cat, too. Which could be a wonderful sensation or an off-putting one, depending on your partner's tastes (though someone repulsed by a cat's nose may not make it very far with a feline fanatic, anyway).


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