This Woman Shaved Her Head For The Most Important Reason

This Woman Shaved Her Head For The Most Important Reason
This Woman Shaved Her Head For The Most Important Reason
From gender-bending 'dos to unapologetically fuzzy armpits, hair can make a strong statement — and the statement each style makes is unique to every individual who sports it. For Virginia Mellen, a shaved head was both a simple aesthetic preference and a lesson to her son about gender norms.

But then, she realized that if anything, making decisions independently of social norms would set a good example for her toddler. She remembers thinking: "I want my son to grow up with a mom who doesn't make decisions about her appearance based on what other people think. I want him to know that there is no particular way a mom or a woman is 'supposed' to look. So last night I shaved my head, and you know what? I don't think he noticed." Over 45,000 people have reacted to the post, and many have left supportive comments.

The 27-year-old Maine resident told Yahoo that the look helps her feel free from societal norms. "On any given day there are countless opportunities for us to second-guess ourselves, to feel like somehow we are not enough. A hairstyle may seem a little trivial, but shaving my head makes me feel powerful because it is a daily reminder that I made a decision based on my own self-image, and not based on our society’s expectations. That’s the 'me' I really want my son to know."

Her shaved head had a different but equally important meaning to her 10 years ago, she added. "I was, and in many ways still am, an insecure, self-conscious person, but I think shaving my head allowed me to gain more confidence. I felt like I could no longer 'hide behind' my hair, so instead I could just be me." However her son decides to style his hair, it'll hopefully be in that same spirit.



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