Beautyblender Launches Its Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

It's been over a decade since the original Beautyblender first launched, forever changing how we applied foundation (racking up eight Best of Awards in the process). Since then the revolutionary pink, egg-shaped sponge has spawned countless knock-offs, not to mention, it now comes in all different sizes and colors. But the brand's latest, launching today, marks its first foray away from tools and into color cosmetics. Meet Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation ($40), a formula as unique as its sponge predecessor.



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For makeup artist and Beautyblender creator Rea Ann Silva, this foundation is a long time coming; in fact, had things panned out differently, it might have come even before the Beautyblender itself. "What I was initially trying to create was makeup, not an application tool," she says. "Life threw me a curveball and the Beautyblender journey has been incredible, but how could I not come out with a foundation that works perfectly with it?" Amen to that.

It took Silva almost two years to come up with this final formulation. In sticking with her original goal to create high-performance, pro products, Bounce is long-wearing, yet without the heavy, drying feel of other long-lasting products. "What we ended up with is an incredibly lightweight, buildable foundation that can easily be sheered out or layered for more complete coverage," she says of the end result. Credit a unique hyper-whip process, which essentially whisks the formula into a featherweight and airy texture, making it look and feel completely seamless. Also unique: the velveteen finish. "Think of it as just slightly more lustrous than velvet. It looks matte straight on, but it still catches the light for added dimension," explains Silva. Available in 32 shades, Silva paid special attention to creating colors on the darker end of the spectrum, and work for a variety of ethnicities and on different skin tones.



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To answer the burning question — yes, you can apply the foundation with a brush or fingertips, but it (obviously) pairs perfectly with the Beautyblender; an egg-shaped reservoir on the side of the bottle catches the product and creates a surface for you to dip the sponge in. Instead of having to squirt it onto a palette or the back of your hand, the packaging itself offers a place for you to play with the product, notes Silva. She suggests holding it in the palm of your hand with the well facing up, then pumping out a drop or two of foundation.

This is only the beginning of Beautyblender makeup. "Let's just say that Beautyblender is all about complexion, so look for more launches in that category come next year," teases Silva. We'll be waiting.

Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation will be $40 and available exclusively at Sephora and come mid-August, so until then, start cleaning your Beautyblenders.

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