This Baby In False Lashes Is The Best Thing You'll See All Week

This Baby In False Lashes Is The Best Thing You'll See All Week
This Baby In False Lashes Is The Best Thing You'll See All Week

If you're at that age where you're coming up on your 10-year high school reunion and also still trying to remember to set your alarm for work after rowdy happy hours, then we're willing to bet your Facebook feed is just one long stream of engagement announcements, wedding photos, and baby pictures. And no matter how much you love babies, it's hard to deny that most of 'em look exactly the same. Come on, who has the time to comment "aww, cute!" under every single one? But sometimes, you stumble upon a baby picture that could be described, in a word, as epic.

This is that rare baby picture. It's one New York City-based makeup artist and Instagram user @lashesnlips uploaded to her feed in between motivating quotes and glam smoky eye looks — and it's the single best photo of a kid we've ever seen. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself below.

The caption-less photo of this baby wearing faux lashes — on the left, as eyebrows; the right, for their intended purpose — speaks for itself: This is just what is to be expected should you decide to leave a good-humored makeup lover with a small human. No word yet on whether or not the baby is in fact her child — but we probably wouldn't recommend trying this on someone else's kid without parental permission.

One thing is for sure: With around 65,000 likes, this photo is going to spawn a whole lot of Instagram DMs between friends saying, "literally, me."

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