Kim Kardashian's Complete Evolution

Kim Kardashian's Complete Evolution
Kim Kardashian's Complete Beauty Evolution

Anonymous: Please note that this 'power grab' is not taking powers away from Scotland, it is transferring powers from Brussels to the UK parliament.. which is and has to be the correct way to do things. Brussels does not see Scotland as a separate entity to the UK and cannot give powers to Scotland, only to the UK, in much the same way it cannot give UK powers back and give them to the Spannish. What happens afterwards is a matter for UK debate and law.. but the UK needs to get these powers returned first before they can do anything else with them. I've yet to hear a politician say that those that relate only to Scotland will never be given to them. This is just the SNP trying to imagine up a way that the UK is unfair, and should be broken apart. I note that the Welsh didn't walk out yesterday.


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