This Judge Showed Up To Court With Curlers In Her Like A Boss

This Judge Showed Up To Court With Curlers In Her Like A Boss
This Judge Showed Up To Court With Curlers In Her Hair Like A Boss


South Korean Chief Justice Lee Jung-mi is a hard working judge who is currently overseeing the impeachment trial of South Korean president Park Geun-hye. Needless to say, she is busy working one of the biggest trials of her career. So when she showed up to court this week with pink rollers still in her , women around the world were like, "Girl, same."

It's safe to assume that on the day the judge was going to announce that the president was being removed from office, which she did just a few hours after this now-viral image was taken, Judge Lee might have had more important things on her mind than how her hair looked.

Since women in the public sphere are often held to impossible beauty and professional standards (just ask Hillary Clinton), it's refreshing to see the internet viewing this oversight as a sign that Judge Lee is a hardworking, committed public servant and not that she is somehow not up to the task.

It's also great not to see the contrast of Park's always impeccable hair — she reportedly spends 90 minutes a day getting her hair styled — being played against Judge Lee's lower maintenance routine because we know that women are pitted against each other all too often.

And hey, we've all been there: I once showed up to work still wearing my slippers. I just happened to be lucky enough that there were no photographers outside my job to catch the snafu.

So major respect to Judge Lee, who showed up to one of the most important and most publicly visible days of her career with her head down, ready to do the job at hand like a boss.

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