Athleisure Is Trending — & It Looks So Good

Athleisure Is Trending — & It Looks So Good
Athleisure Hair Is Trending — & It Looks So Good
There are some people who spend hours on end prepping for week events, curling their and contouring themselves into oblivion. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that — we love a good wave just as much as the next person. But this go 'round, we've been more drawn to the perfectly-imperfect athletic hairstyles on the ground at New York Fashion Week — also known as "athleisure" hair.

Think about the tousled ponytail moment that happens post-SoulCycle. The slightly messed-up texture almost makes it look better, right? That's the same concept that we spotted on the beauties ahead — a little frizz, a lot of slightly disproportionate buns, and uhhh... a whole lot of shoelaces. (Yes, really.)


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