The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Best sunglasses for a heart-shaped face:

03-heart-The-Best-Sunglasses-For-Your-Face-ShapeTatiana Ayazo/ (Illustration). Matthew Cohen/ (Photo)Heart-shaped faces, like Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, and Zooey Deschanel, tend to have a broader forehead, high cheekbones and narrower jaw with a more pronounced chin. "The best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces will de-emphasize the angle between the forehead and chin," explains Catherine Brock, the founder and editor of Light-colored frames and those with exaggerated bottoms direct attention downward and add width to lower part of the face. Try: Gentle Monster Lovesome 56mm Sunglasses. The glasses pictured here are Sophie by Warby Parker.

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Best sunglasses for a square face:

04-square-The-Best-Sunglasses-For-Your-Face-ShapeTatiana Ayazo/ (Illustration). Matthew Cohen/ (Photo)Square faces are characterized by angular features and a strong jawline. Think Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, and Sandra Bullock. When shopping for sunglasses, look for thin, round, and oval shapes, which will help soften facial sharpness. Semi-rimless frames are also a great choice! "A half plastic, half metal combination frame works well," says Monica Nguyen, a leading board certified Doctor of Optometry. Try: Illesteva Milan IV Sunglasses or Ray-Ban Clubround Sunglasses. The glasses pictured here are Sun Sun by Article One Eyewear. 

Best sunglasses for a diamond-shaped face:

06-diamond-The-Best-Sunglasses-For-Your-Face-ShapeTatiana Ayazo/ (Illustration). Matthew Cohen/ (Photo)"The goal when selecting sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces—see Keira Knightley and Viola Davis—is to use the frame to broaden the appearance of the forehead," says optometrist Dr. Barry Kay of Hollywood . Oval and cat-eye shapes help create balance by highlighting peppers and softening cheekbones. "Also, rimless frames are your friend, as this will really allow your cheekbones to shine," notes model and Hollywood Eyes spokesperson, Victoria DiSorbo. Great options: Illesteva Leonard Mask Sunglasses. Avoid frames with a dark bridge or darker lower rims, which tend to draw attention to the middle of the face. The glasses pictured here are Walsh by Article One Eyewear.

Best sunglasses for an oblong face:

05-oblong-The-Best-Sunglasses-For-Your-Face-ShapeTatiana Ayazo/ (Illustration). Matthew Cohen/ (Photo)If you have an oblong face, like Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker, wider sunglasses, like aviators—especially those with decorative temples, are a great choice. These styles give the illusion of a shorter, wider face. Try: Sonix Highland 61mm Square Sunglasses or Betsey Johnson Beat The Heat Shades. Planning to spend time poolside or beachfront? Look for a wrapped style, which offers greater UV protection. The glasses pictured here are Oriel by Warby Parker.

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Best sunglasses for a high forehead:

08-The-Best-Sunglasses-For-Your-Face-ShapeTatiana Ayazo/ (Illustration). Matthew Cohen/ (Photo)If you're self-conscious about your forehead, opt for tall lenses or oversized frames. "A good trick is to pick a pair of sunglasses with a really tall browline bridge, which lifts the face and takes attention away from a high forehead," says Larisa Ginzburg, founder and designer at Vint&York. Try: KENDALL + KYLIE Jules Aviator Sunglasses or the Vint&York The Charleston. The glasses pictured here are Bennett by Warby Parker.

Best sunglasses for a small face:

07-small-The-Best-Sunglasses-For-Your-Face-ShapeTatiana Ayazo/ (Illustration). Matthew Cohen/ (Photo)If you have a smaller face a la Miley Cyrus, look for more petite rectangular and square shapes and thinner frames—both metal and thinner acrylic—look best on small faces, according to Eva Spitzer, co-founder and designer at Cloudbase Optics. What to avoid? Steer clear of big chunky hipster type glasses. Try: Cloudbase Optics LeeWave Sunglasses. Considering a new cut for spring? Find out the best haircuts for your face shape. The glasses pictured here are Concord by Article One Eyewear.

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Best sunglasses for a prominent nose:

10-The-Best-Sunglasses-For-Your-Face-ShapeTatiana Ayazo/ (Illustration). Matthew Cohen/ (Photo)For people with a large nose, Ginzburg recommends purchasing a pair of sunnies with adjustable nose pads and a broader nose bridge. A frame that has a floating nose bridge, like the Vint&York Bryant, is also a good idea as it won't leave marks on your skin from nose pads, and will sit comfortably. The glasses pictured here are Mott by Article One Eyewear.

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