Instagram Video Shows the Couple Who Grooms Together, Stays Together

Instagram Video Shows the Couple Who Grooms Together, Stays Together
Instagram Video Shows the Couple Who Grooms Together, Stays Together

Forget tattooing your boo’s name on your body — you know it’s real when your significant other waxes your armpits.

Baltimore-based hairstylist and wig maker Shawn Smith

_ a video to Instagram showing her fiancee helping her wax under her arms. In the video, we see Smith lying down with a wax strip attached to her armpit, as her beau attempts to rip it off. He does have a bit of trouble on the first try, but according to Smith, he is no stranger to her grooming routine.

“My fiancee always helps me with grooming,” she tells Yahoo . “We’ve been together for quite a while and are really comfortable with each other. I help him cut and treat his hair, and he cuts my hair as well.”

Smith’s Instagram also has videos of her doing various beauty treatments with her beau. One video shows her

, another shows him peeling dead skin off of Smith’s face after she suffered an
_ to black hair dye.

Smith’s followers couldn’t help but feel her pain, especially at the first failed attempt to rip the strip. “Dawg, I physically screamed out loud soon as he had to completely rip it off,” one Instagram user commented. Others saw it as a sweet and relatable moment. “Idc what people think this is part of life, like everyone gets hair at some point in their life,” another offered. A few suggested shaving to avoid the pain of waxing, but Smith told us that she prefers the latter “because it’s quicker and lasts longer.”

Some people saw the video as a gesture of true love. One commented: “You guys are Goals!!! so cuteee!!!” Another commenter shared her own waxing experience with her husband: “Lmao my husband did the same thing! He thought that it would hurt me to pull it fast. It hurts more if you do it slow. Smh men.”

Though Smith is shown removing some of her own hair in the video, part of her life’s work goes to helping those who suffer from hair loss. “I predominantly make wigs for people who experience hair loss from ailments such as cancer and alopecia,” she says. Of course, Smith also works with women who simply want to change up their look just because.

Does your significant other help you with grooming? Let us know in the comments!

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