The Real Reason Paris Jackson's Look So Blue

The Real Reason Paris Jackson's Look So Blue
The Real Reason Paris Jackson's Eyes Look So Blue
After this year's MTV Video Music Awards, the internet was buzzing about her upside down teal eye makeup — but that the only thing that caught everyone's attention. It was also her actual . According to Teen Vogue, the enamoring effect of Jackson's eyes isn't just the flattering eye shadow. In fact, the 19-year-old's makeup artist, Jo Baker, told the publication that Jackson was born with a "rare eye condition" that leaves her irises a striking blue pigment.
So, what is this mysterious condition? Baker doesn't mention specifically, but according to Business Insider, there's a likely explanation. Since Baker mentioned that the condition does not affect Jackson's vision, one genetic syndrome that could apply is the Waardenburg syndrome (WS). WS impacts the pigmentation of someones eyes, hair, and skin, and people with the condition are known to have pale blue eyes — just like Jackson's. However, the National Organization for Rare Disorders states that there are multiple subdivisions of the syndrome — six, to be exact — so there's no way of knowing exactly which one Jackson has solely based on what Baker told Teen Vogue.

At the very least, now we have exactly one more explanation as to why we couldn't stop staring at Jackson's makeup that night.


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