Woman Sues SoulCycle After Claiming to Be Impaled By Bike


soulcycle lawsuit woman impaled

soulcycle lawsuit woman impaled

SoulCycle and other gyms are not immune to lawsuits from people who suffer injuries while exercising (Photo: Getty Images)


A woman in New York is suing the SoulCycle chain after she claims a bicycle impaled her as she was ending a workout while in Beverly Hills. The woman says that her right leg was allegedly damaged and yelled for assistance but was drowned out by the loud music in the facility.

According to a report from the New York Post, the woman, Donna Wood, was in California vacationing with her husband in January 2016 when she went to catch a workout at the SoulCylce gym. The 42-year-old woman says that as she attempted to dismount the bike, her leg was caught on a support beam according to a suit she filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“She was left dangling by her right leg, which she could not dislodge,” according to the suit filing. “Though she screamed for assistance, because the class was in cool down mode and music was still playing loudly and the room still dark, she was not heard or seen for several minutes.”

The suit goes on to say a person attending the class helped Wood and that she had to take an Uber to the hospital for treatment. Wood needed over 50 surgical staples to treat the wound according to the report. The Westchester County woman says she had to recover in her hotel room in California before returning home and now her leg sports a permanent scar.

Wood is seeking unspecified damages and said that SoulCycle instructors failed to warn her of the dangers of using the equipment.

In 2014, Elizabeth Lapp launched a $1 million lawsuit against a Manhattan gym after claiming an exercise band snapped and blinded her. Lapp’s suit also claims the gym’s instructors didn’t inform her of the potential dangers of using the equipment. As well, this isn’t the first time SoulCycle has been sued. In May 2016, Carmen Farias launched a suit against the franchise and instructor Angela Davis for physical and mental pain and suffering after allegedly getting injured on a bike.



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