The Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

The best earrings for a round face are:

01-the-best-earrings-for-face-shape-538147087-biggajuNicole Fornabaio/, biggaju/shutterstockIn addition to finding the right haircut, "The shape of your face most definitely should influence the shape and style of earring you wear," says Alyssa Dineen, a stylist and art director. Case in point: Round faces are best suited for long drop earrings that elongate and offset the roundness. "Steer clear of hoops or round studs," she says.

The best earrings for a heart-shaped face are:

02-the-best-earrings-for-face-shape-493763800-Shutter-ManNicole Fornabaio/, Shutter-Man/shutterstockHeart-shaped faces, because of the narrow chin, should opt for drop earrings that have an inverted triangle shape and not taper at the bottom. "I personally love the new trend of earring called threaded earrings," she says. "They can be a simple one-hole style or used with multiple holes where the chain is actually threaded through each hole." Now, learn the tricks to getting the best eyebrows for your face shape.

The best earrings for an oblong face are:

03-the-best-earrings-for-face-shape-389326678-Fruit-Cocktail-CreativeNicole Fornabaio/, Fruit Cocktail Creative/shutterstockFor an oblong face, (like an oval face, but slightly longer and thinner), choose sparkly, round studs or button style earrings rather than long drop earrings. Dineen's advice is to find the style that suits your face and splurge a little on one pair that can be your everyday earring. Then, switch out for special occasions to take the guesswork out of selecting earrings every morning. Here's how to find the best glasses for your face shape.

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The best earrings for a square-shaped face are:

04-the-best-earrings-for-face-shape-52405804-NikuwkaNicole Fornabaio/, Nikuwka/shutterstockThose with square face shapes, say the experts at Fabulous Over 40, can use wisely-chosen earrings to need to "soften the hard edges of their face." Choose earrings that are medium to long with rounded edges, or those that have oval or circular shapes, steering clear of anything square.

The best earrings for an oval face are:

05-the-best-earrings-for-face-shape-389303449-Fruit-Cocktail-CreativeNicole Fornabaio/, Fruit Cocktail Creative/shutterstockThose with oval-shaped faces are the most fortunate in terms of complementary earring choices: Oval faces will look good in most any shape, but studs and triangular earrings may best show off their cheekbones. Find out how to keep those studs and other earrings sparkly clean.

For every face shape:

06-the-best-earrings-for-face-shape-507568459-Art-of-LifeNicole Fornabaio/, Art of Life/shutterstockFinally, says Dineen, for any earring shape and style, your overall outfit will help determine your earring selection. For an evening out, "be sure not to go flashy if you're wearing something ornate like a large scale pattern or embellished top," she says. "Go for something more simple so they're not competing with one another. Likewise, if you're wearing a simple black or solid top, you can go bigger in the earring department." Find out even more tips for accessorizing from stylists.  

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