23 Amazing Shopping Sites That Support Women’s Causes

Support breast cancer patients with Jane Iredale

01-jane-iredale-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Jane Iredale Jane Iredale created a specific product for one purpose: to give back to women battling breast cancer by partnering with the charity, Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Her facial spray, Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray, which is 100 percent natural and 30 percent organic aromatherapy, will leave your skin feeling refreshed, not to mention your soul. Not just the proceeds, but 100 percent of the profits from this spray are donated to LBBC.

Support women in business with A Complete

02-a-complete-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-Causescourtesy a complete A Complete, a new-ish skincare line was created by a businesswoman and philanthropist from Latin America, Angelica Fuentes, and has a heartfelt purpose. With a line of five multi-functional products meant to cleanse and purify your skin, you can also complete your daily regimen feeling good that you helped your fellow sisters. Six percent of all proceeds are donated to the founder's foundation, Angelica Fuentes Foundation, which focuses on labor force and female participation, economies of female empowerment, and inclusion in the workplace and gender equality across the board.

Help women in poverty with R Sprks

03-r-sprks-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy R sprksWho doesn't love a new, fragrant candle for their home? Consider purchasing from R Sprks, a company founded by two preteen sisters, Lauren and Ella Reilly, (11 and 15, respectively). Their mission is to do good by helping homes smell good: 20 percent of all proceeds from candles are donated to various charities, including Perspectives, which helps women and children suffering from addictions, mental illness, and poverty.

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Support multiple causes with for Real

04-via-beauty-for-real-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesVia beauty for realBeauty for Real, an online shop selling everything from makeup and lotions to gift sets, has a program called Beauty and Grace, in which they feature what they call "Beauty Heroines," women who exude beauty from the inside out, by overcoming many struggles and supporting a specific cause. Each month, the featured woman chooses a charity close to her heart and 25 percent of the sales from her favorite product on the site is donated. Some past charities include Susan G. Komen, Honey Shine Mentoring Program, Women Beyond Cancer, Make a Wish Foundation, and many more.

Help women in dire straits with AWE

05-awe-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Awe This fine jewelry company works closely with several charities, including the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), Cancer Care, The Fisher House Foundation and The Trevor Project, by donating a portion of their sales to help women in dangerous situations or tough diagnoses. In fact, the AWE medallion was developed by Founder and Creative Director Jill Johnson as a symbol of strength, hope, and resilience, for she's a three-time cancer survivor herself. The four droplets on the medallion represents what comes with survival: blood, sweat, and tears. She says that by giving a medallion, you're saying "I'm in AWE of you and what you've overcome." Twenty percent of all AWE sales are donated to one of the four national partner charities.

Support Girl Scouts with Stella & Dot

06-stella-&-dot-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Stella & Dot Over the past 10 years, Stella & Dot has been on a mission to support female entrepreneurs by paying more than $400 million in commissions to their 50,000+ stylists. They also are partnering with Girl Scouts of America, from February 18 to March 18, by donating all net proceeds from their Wishing Bracelet to the organization. Their thought is that when girls begin selling cookies, it's their first "business," and they should be encouraged to continue to spirit of female leadership.

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Give the power of light with Luci

07-luci-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy LuciMPowerd, the maker of the Luci brand, which offers several indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and candles, has a program that helps you shed "light" into others' lives. Through Give Luci, you can give light to those who need them. As an example, one of their partner organizations, New Course, donates lights to female entrepreneurs in Kenya, where they're able to re-sell them and contribute to their community. This village, called Massai, now has 350 women selling and distributing lights, giving them strength and power, and most importantly, each other. Through these meetings, they've been able to work together to fight against female genital cutting in their homeland because they feel empowered to fight back.

Give women jobs with Songa Designs International

08-songa-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Songa Designs InternationalOne way to help women around the world is to provide them with employment opportunities, and that's exactly what Songa Designs International, a socially conscious accessories and lifestyle brand is doing. They work with more than 150 women in Rwanda and East Africa to create their items, paying them generously for their work. By purchasing a piece from this collection, you're helping a woman hundreds of miles away build a life for herself that she wouldn't have had otherwise.

Help fund clean drinking water with AMAIÒ Swim

09-amaio-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy AmaioGoing on a springtime trip and need a new bathingsuit? Consider shopping around on AMAIÒ Swim, which partners with The Thirst Project. They donate a percentage of their annual total revenue to this charity, allowing women and children in local communities to have clean, accessible, drinking water. That's one way to make a big splash!

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Get prenatal vitamins to women in developing countries with Rainbow Light

10-rainbow-light-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-Causescourtesy rainbow light When you stop by your local pharmacy to stock up on vitamin C, you might notice the widely known vitamin brand, Rainbow Light. In addition to fueling your body with the nutrients it needs—with specialty vitamins for men, women, moms-to-be, and more—they also have a Global Good program. Through this, they donate 1 percent of all product sales in the form of multivitamins for malnourished women and children around the world. By working with the non-profit, Vitamin Angels, they've donated more than 40 million prenatal tablets since 1994, benefitting more than 100,000 women in Haiti, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, Peru, Dominican Republic, Philippines, and Kenya.

Support female artisans around the world with Ten Thousand Villages

11-via-ten-thousand-villages-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-Causesvia ten thousand villages From the get-go, the nation's largest Fair trade retailer, Ten Thousand Villages, has worked with female artisans around the world to provide employment and assistance. In fact, every single item on the site will help a woman, somewhere, by supporting their goods. Consider St. Mary's Mahila Shikshan Kendra, which is a women's handcraft organization that's been a partner since 1987. They employ more than 400 women craft makers in Ahmedabad, India. Through their sales, they're able to offer free maternity care and education assistance to young mothers within the group, and they've been able to run health programs and education programs for children. This is just one of dozens (upon dozens!) of ways this company benefits women globally.

Mentor female entrepreneurs with Wild Ophelia

12-via-wild-ophelia-villages-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesVia wild ophelia You've probably heard of Vosges Haut-Chocolat (bacon chocolate, anyone?) but its founder, Katrina Markoff, has also created Wild Ophelia, a fair trade, non-GMO, and gluten-free chocolate that has a soulful purpose behind its sweets. A portion of the sales from this company goes directly to the Wild Ophelia Accelerator Program, which asks up-and-coming aspiring female entrepreneurs to apply and be supported through mentorship and funding.

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Help feed hungry mouths with Kristi Kohut

13-via-kristi-kohut-villages-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-Causesvia Kristi Kohut Kristi Kohut, a maker of pillows, fabric, wallpaper, and poofs, doesn't just work to make your apartment or house beautiful and stylish. She wants to help every person in every home enjoy a full belly. One percent of profits are donated to FEED to assist in their efforts of ending world hunger. They provide help for moms and children who have nutritional deficiencies and give emergency relief and food aid in the United States and abroad.

Support the teaching of tolerance with Common Ground

15-common-ground-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Common Ground Often times, it's our differences of opinion that cause friction and disagreement. So a great goal is to find common ground, so that everyone can live and prosper as one. That's why the appropriately named Portland-based footwear company, Common Ground, is so inspiring. Not only do they donate 2.5 percent of their sales Start Empathy, which aims to teach children how to be tolerant and kind to others, but with every sale, they're helping others demonstrate the cause close to their heart. The designs are based on everything from marriage and gender equality to immigration and gun violence. By wearing these shoes, you give back and show off what you support. Talk about a conversation starter!

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Get financial assistance to breast cancer patients

16-its-a-10-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy it's a 10Throughout its history, It's a 10 Haircare company has partnered with various causes to give back to women. It's a mission dear to Carolyn Aronson, the company's CEO's, heart. They've partnered with Christina Applegate's charity, The Right Action for Women fund, which offers financial assistance to those suffering from breast cancer. Applegate created the Miracle Whipped Styling Balm to directly benefit the cause. They also partner with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help spread awareness of these diseases, and they're a member of the Leaping Bunny Program, which means they don't test any of their products on animals.

Support domestic abuse survivors with Elderflower Farmacy

17-elderflower-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Elderflower When you purchase a Rise Candle from Elderflower Farmacy, you're supporting domestic abuse survivors who are part of the SAFE Alliance program. Because of this significant partnership, Elderflower Farmacy is able to provide the resources needed for SAFE's operating budget. SAFE also partners with Austin, Texas' Austin Children's Shelter and SafePlace, which has physical campuses that give emergency intervention services, in addition to wellness programs, shelter, and food.

Help secure training for future women chefs with Tilit

18-tilit-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Tilit If you're in the food industry business and you're shopping on Tilit NYC's website, take a look at the Tilit's Wrap Apron, which was created as part of a collaboration with the Bad Bitches of Charleston, South Carolina. If you decide to add that to your shopping basket for the next time you cook at home or for work, you can simmer on the fact that you're helping the Bad Bitches Grant Fund. This program helps give culinary education to women in need, giving them an outlet to earn valuable skills and gain employment.

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Make cancer patients feel beautiful with Vapour Organic Beauty

19-vapour-via-amazon.com-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesVapour via amazon.comThis beauty company has partnered with Credo Beauty to create a specialty lipstick called Hello, love. The sales from this red lipstick benefit Lipstick Angels, which is a nonprofit that gives beauty treatments to cancer patients, when they need the important reminder that they are still gorgeous, in the midst of their treatment.

Support women's healthcare with Sustain Natural

20-sustain-natural-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Sustain Natural When you practice safe sex, you also want to be healthy, right? This organic wellness company offers fair trade condoms, chemical-free massage oils, aloe-based lubricant, and more. But in addition to making sure you never break out or have an unwanted irritation post-coital, you can also know you're helping women. They've been committed to the fund 10%4Women, meaning that they donate 10 percent of their profits to Planned Parenthood.

Empower women and preserve wildlife with Firepot Nomadic Teas

21-firepot-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Firepot If you're daily cup of brewed goodness is something you look forward to every morning, afternoon, or night, consider buying a tea that does something even more important for tea lovers. This company was created by sustainable living expert and world traveler, Sarah Scarborough, who wanted to make sure everything she made was ethical and of high quality. That's why one percent of all sales are donated to the empowerment of women and preservation of wildlife in tea origins around the world.

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Support women artisans in Asia with Zink

22-via-zinkeveryday.com-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-Causesvia zinkeveryday.comIn the market for a new handbag? Fill your heart—and your new purse—with plenty of good vibes and love, by purchasing a hand woven jute bag from Zink. The proceeds from these bags help communities of women in Southeast Asia in various ways, as the founders believe that quality of life is a human right. The artists who make these bags in Asia receive a multitude of benefits, including micro loans, women leadership forums, gender and business training, product development, and skill training, mother and child healthcare assistance, and more.

Support early disease detection with Kiehl's

23-kiehls-Win-Win!-These-23-Amazing-Shopping-Sites-Support-Women's-CausesCourtesy Kiehl'sEarly detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women is top of mind for the non-profit Bright Pink. Their measures can help save the lives and the fertility of countless women who will battle these diseases. In partnership with this charity, Kiehl's launched a new line called Butterstick Lip Treatments. In addition to donating $50,000, they are also helping their customers give back. For every Kiss For the Cure Limited Edition Lip Treatment Duo sold, they will donate 100 percent of net profits, up to $25,000. Consider this: For every set sold, 12 women will be educated on how to help protect their health.

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