How This Teen Makeup Artist Shut Down the Haters on Her 'High Prices'

Mikala Walker is not here for the haters.

The 18-year-old self-taught makeup artist has garnered a large following on social media, with 84,000 on Twitter and 48,000 on Instagram, respectively. As thousands tune in to her daily chats on skincare, favorite makeup products, and how-to tutorials, Walker has worked to create a career off her love for and doing makeup. However, she found herself in hot water after promoting her business and event specials, such as prom, on her Twitter page where she very unapologetically stated her price:

Clearly this ruffled some feathers, as some then took to the post, commenting and attacking the MUA on her prices, claiming that they were too high.

Of course, makeup products and time and labor are not cheap; Mikala responded by accounting for how much her products and services are actually worth, totaling $635.

Mikala Walker shows the true price of her services (Photo via Twitter)

Mikala Walker shows the true price of her services (Photo via Twitter)

Mikala Walker shows the true price of her services (Photo via Twitter)


“The fact that people complain about my price of $75 for full face but don’t realize the actual cost behind it,” she said.

She also made it very clear that she would not be altering her prices to appease the feelings of others. Honey, she knows her worth.


Since then, many have come to the support of Walker, stating that a $75 ‘beat’ isn’t anything when considering the cost of the products and the quality of work.

So unfortunately, if you’re not willing to pay the $75, Mikala Walker won’t be taking you on as a client. Thankfully, she has a large enough community that’ll easily step in your place.


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