Jessica Chastain Let Her Down — Well, Sort Of 



Jessica Chastain sort of let her down for the Paris premiere of Miss Sloane. (Photo: AP)


At the premiere of Miss Sloane in Paris, France, Jessica Chastain let her hair down…kinda. The actress managed to pull off the “casual tendrils hanging from my ponytail” look. Oscars 2018, anyone?

As anyone who’s been a teenage girl knows, the loose pony is the holy grail of faux-casual style. There are two ways to DIY this look: Spend thirty minutes in front of the mirror, making sure every tendril is placed perfectly, or throw your hair in a slicked back pony and then head to the hardest workout class out there and wait for everything to fall directly in your face. (Elle Woods’s famous line “What, like it’s hard?” comes to mind.)



Or did she? (Photo: AP)


Chastain tops off her effortless hair with a polished look. It takes planning to wear red lips and pink blush as a redhead, and each bold shade here is perfectly matched to her skin tone. Between smoked out eyeliner and a sharp swipe of blush, the look is dramatic befitting the lead actress of a film on her premiere night in Paris.

Chastain paired her perfectly messy hair with a super glamorous Chanel Couture jumpsuit. Between its belt and pockets, she manages to look comfortable and red carpet-worthy all at once.

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