Teen Accidentally Turns Her Mom’s Foot Bright Orange Thanks to Funny Fake Tan Disaster 



Photo: DocHolidayTombstone/imgur


As spring approaches, it’s time to get best self-tanning practices in check. One rule that should go unsaid: Tell your friends and family before exposing them to self-tanner. Thanks to one careless teen, a mom is walking through life on bright orange feet. She shared the whole hilarious and deeply relatable saga on Imgur under the username DocHolidayTombstone.

The teenager borrowed her mom’s fake tanner without asking and used one of her socks as an application mitt. “This, ladies and gentleman, is my foot a week after I came home after a 15-hour shift, removed my shoes and discovered it had turned a lovely deep shade of terracotta,” the mom wrote. Lingering questions do remain, like just what self-tanner can be applied without leaving a shred of stain on that sock? And are self-tanning clothes actually a new highly efficient method for applying tanner?

While this poor mom scrubs away at her tan lines, commenters are cracking up over the mishap and making plenty of orange-themed political jokes. “Trumpfoot (n): condition characterised by an orange foot and a sudden predilection for building walls and conducting diplomacy via Twitter,” wrote user faceofVanilla. Another joked, “Slightly less than half of America would elect that foot to office…”

Pro tip: When it comes to removing an unwanted fake tan, oils are your friend.

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