Viral Video of Woman Pulling Off Charcoal Face Mask

By Sarah Wu. Photos: Courtesy of Tee Cee Videos via YouTube.

Peel-off face masks our among our favorite skincare products because they’re so fun to use — but as one woman recently demonstrated in a hilarious viral video, it’s not always smooth sailing. YouTuber Tiff from ?feature=oembed" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen> explained that she had recently seen a charcoal mask on a Facebook ad, and decided to purchase it. After inspecting the packaging (it didn’t quite meet her standards, thanks to a decidedly crooked label), she began peeling it off. An ear-piercing shriek instantly followed, leading us to the conclusion that it was not, in fact, a painless process.

After enlisting the help of her friend, the duo eventually managed to get the mask off. “Is my cheek still there?” Tiff asked at one point. Surprisingly, she didn’t throw the product across the room at the end of the video. “It does actually feel good!” she said, holding the tube up “to do a little product placement.” FYI, if you ever encounter a similar situation, you should definitely break out the makeup remover and some water, rather than attempt to rip anything off your face. That said, this video is guaranteed to bring at least a smile to your face. See the hilarity below.

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This story originally appeared on Teen Vogue.

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