Miranda Kerr Totally Stole The Spotlight From Her Fiance During Snapchat IPO

It was a huge day for Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and his colleagues. Snap had its IPO, and by the end of trading, shares were up 33 percent, making him worth $5 billion. But this morning, while he and Chief Technology Officer Bobby Murphy rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, we couldn’t take our eyes off his fiancée, otherwise known as Miranda Kerr.

Even the front page of tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph in the U.K. appears to be more about Kerr than about the IPO itself:

Not that the Australian supermodel was trying to distract from her man’s big day or anything. She was documenting everything on Snapchat, which seems like a pretty appropriate role for her.



(Photo: Snapchat/Miranda Kerr)


Her Snaps weren’t all “look at me!” They were honoring the event and mostly focused on Spiegel’s big moment, the excitement of the floor, and the bright yellow Snapchat Spectacles vending machine.

Still, we’re talking about a woman who can turn heads when she’s in the middle of a crowd of Hollywood celebrities. No filter needed, ever. Even in a business-appropriate black sleeveless dress (albeit with edgy metal shoulder strap details) and an off-white jacket, she was more eye-catching than those yellow signs and balloons. She also had a little entourage with her to enjoy the moment.



(Photo: Snapchat/Miranda Kerr)


Perhaps that bit of glamour helped, though. Wall Street is doing well, and it’s in the mood for bright, shiny people as well as bright, shiny tech companies. When do they release a filter for dollar-sign eyes?

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